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Sid Bell, known as the Alaskan Silversmith, is renowned for his wildlife carvings in precious metals. His detailed designs and legacy continue as Sid Bell Originals by Jeff Karner, who acquired the master carvings and all design rights. The wildlife pieces are cast in silver and gold from the original carved master pieces, to create the finest pendants, lapel / hat pins, buttons and tie tacks that make beautiful gifts for the sportsman or nature lover . Some of his wildlife designs are used as inlays for both guns and knife handles; some in silver and gold. Few wildlife artists have had their pieces presented to Presidents of the United States, Statesman, Outdoor Writers, Sportsman, and Celebrities. Sid Bell’s wildlife carvings have been gifted to many of these recipients.  His timeless wildlife designs will go on from generation to generation. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind all of our products, made here in the USA. In addition to our precious metal castings, our pewter wildlife items are cast from the finest metal obtainable,  "jewelry grade" pewter, an expensive grade of metal that contains no lead. This fine metal makes a harder product that will stand up to wear and reproduce artistic details during casting, giving the results, the quality and the reputation of an excellent product.