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Home / Wildlife Carvings by Sid Bell in Silver and Gold by Special Order
Wildlife Carvings by Sid Bell in Silver and Gold by Special Order

Wildlife Carvings by Sid Bell in Silver and Gold by Special Order

These exquisitely hand carved miniatures in sterling silver and gold are remarkable for their absolute fidelity of detail and perfect proportions. The Master Models took 2 to 4 days for Sid Bell to create. Sid then sent them to Rhode Island for a Master Mold to be made of each piece by the Lost Wax process whereby wax is injected into the mold and wax models are obtained.These wax models are put into small flasks and covered with plaster. When  the plaster hardens it is heated and the wax melts out; molten silver or gold is poured into the hole and the mold is broker to obtain the casting of the wildlife piece in silver or gold. On the back of each original model, Sid Bell implemented the copyright and the original date of the Master Model which is anywhere from the 1960's through the early 2000's; so every casting from then on will have the Master Model date, not the date that the piece was cast for production of sale to the public. Sid Bell hired a company in Rhode Island to cast all of his silver and gold wildlife pieces that he sold. Sid did not cast these himself. The Casting Company would then send back the raw silver or gold pieces for Sid to do the finishing work to then package for sale.

In 2008 Jeff Karner from Bucks County Pennsylvania,  and a long time customer of Sid Bell's designs , purchased the company from Sid Bell Originals, which included all of the Master Models that Sid Bell had carved or created along with the Master Molds that were made for Sid Bell . Today each of these wildlife designs is cast by Jeff  using the same lost wax process. Each wildlife design maintains the original Sid Bell copyright along with the original date that Sid Bell inscribed on the back of each piece; for instance, in 1964 Sid carved the  Alaskan Ice Worm and a Master Mold was made. So each piece henceforth has the date 1964 inscribed on the back by Sid himself, whether cast in 1969 or 1989 or currently cast in 2014. Today's wildlife castings, by using the exact same Master Molds and the same casting process as Sid Bell himself, will exhibit the fine definition and detail as when they were made in the earlier years. These wildlife castings are timeless and will be cherished for many generations.       

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